De Georgio Group

Reliability, competence and punctuality are the strengths of the De Georgio.

With seventy years of experience and constant commitment of three generations, the group has over time become a respected player in the transportation and logistics industry. Divided into three companies, De Georgio Transport, the Logideg, and the LMR, each with a specific center of expertise, the De Georgio is a valuable partner for companies that need to move, distribute or store goods.

De Georgio Trasporti

Sede De Georgio Trasporti

De Georgio Transport since 1946 operates in the domestic and international shipments maritime air and land. Headquartered in Marcianise and branch offices in Milan, Florence, Rome and Modena, the company has an extensive network of correspondents throughout Italy. And 'Marcello De Georgio with his brothers Richard and Charles with his family to found De Fonzo De Fonzo & De Georgio in 1946. In 1959, following the following the division with De Fonzo born Fratelli De Georgio. At the end of 1983, Louis, son of Marcellus, to take over at the helm of the company. In 1991, was born in London, De Georgio Transport UK Ltd, which operates a groupage traffic to and from Italy


Sede Logideg

The Logideg is a logistics company of the "group" and owns over 20,000 square meters of warehouses located in the industrial area of Marcianise.


Sede LMR

The L.M.R. is the second largest logistics company in the group De Georgio and owns a warehouse of 20,000 square meters connected with the railroads of the state, in the industrial area of Carinaro.

De Georgio Group
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